Matera 2019

Ancient future

One of the greatest historians of 20th Century science, Alexandre Koyré, found it bizarre that Pythagora had stated that the number is the essence of all things, and that the Bible taught that God had created the world «according to number, weight and measure ». Everybody would have repeated it but nobody would have believed it or taken it seriously before Galileo’s experimental science, Kepler's and Copernicus's astronomy, Newton's and Leibniz’s calculus: that is to say, before people had really tried to count, weigh and measure.

The 20th July 1969 is one of the most memorable dates in the history of humanity. Neil Armstrong  stepped off Apollo 11 and onto the moon. This satellite of earth’s, sung about for centuries by all the poets, the setting for fantasies and illusions, suddenly became a human space, for a few meaningful moments. The whole world was in front of a television set and all the newspapers ran special editions.

Quantum dance is a multidisciplinary production, including theatre, dance and electronic music, inspired by research on mechanics and quantum physics. Quantum physics is the story of a great cultural revolution that took place in the 20th century, because it allows to understand reality, surrendering to its ambiguity.

In a world of ever-brighter cities, the starry sky above us is less and less visible to the naked eyes of humans. This is not the case in Matera and Basilicata, one of the least light polluted areas, the best place to experiment with the relationship between the wonderful starry sky and the other arts and sciences. In collaboration with Materelettrica, spin off of the “Duni” Conservatory of Matera, Onda will perform “Coelum stellatum” (Latin: “starry sky”), transforming the mapping of the rock-hewn city into celestial constellations and by adding sound to it, literally, “singing the spirit of the places”. 

The best of Japanese Culture in Matera 2019

Italy and Japan are two nations sharing a strong common history. They are very different cultures and yet feel totally similar. Since 1993, when Antwerp was the European Capital of Culture, Japan has seized the opportunity to promote the culture of its country to cities that have been nominated European Capitals of Culture.

Lumen | Socialight is a lighting project with two strands: one is dedicated to the production of works of art and artistic lighting installations which bring to mind the ancient tradition of ‘luminarie’, lights commonly used in Southern Italy to decorate town centres during religious celebrations and festivals; the other focuses on enabling enlightenment through new models of public illumination and a virtuous use of light.

As part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and the memorandum of understanding agreed with MIUR, Matera 2019 supports a cultural heritage appreciation program for Lucanian high schools.

As part of of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and the memorandum of understanding agreed with MIUR, Matera 2019 supports a cultural  and natural heritage appreciation programme for Lucanian primary schools.

The Sounds of the Ancient Future presents the story of Matera to Europe, through the exploration of its landscapes, places and their acoustics, sounds and traditions. It is a cross-disciplinary project aiming at cutting edge research and production. Within this expressive framework many languages will be interpreted ranging from music, sound installation, live performances, field recording up to soundscaping. The final product will be a concert for "Partitura e Suoni Naturali", carried out by Collettivo Onyx, a host of the internationally-renowned trumpeter Paolo Fresu.