Matera 2019

Ancient future

Landscape for Culture, art and research in Europe. A workshop to re-modulate the scenery, a new language to make it immortal. The town of Craco invites artists, engineers and designers to talk about the colors, the sounds and the shapes of Basilicata’s landscape. The idea is to organise a competition in order to select five professionals who will map the territory in a three-day immersion. After studying, the five candidates will be asked to turn the vision into a virtual representation of art and architecture.

Seeking Pythagoras. A journey all the way through Basilicata. Pisticci, the ancient Heraclea, Metaponto: these are some of the towns crossed by the brilliant mathematician from Sarno, after he was sent away from Crotone. A travelling event called 'Pythagoras Rewind', will pay tribute to the great philosopher.

What do music and water have in common?

We can discover this with the 'Aqua' project. In the beginning sound waves, then sea waves will immerse the public into a journey of colours, images and sensations. During the afternoon, when the sun shines over the water’s surface, we will follow the river’s flow discovering the landscape of Savoia, and its flow through the Forest of Luceto, up to the six Tuorno falls. The excursion will be full of surprises and enchantment (for example, a part of the itinerary can be done by travelling on an oxcart). On the way to the falls, visitors can admire the landscape and the fantastic water sound installations with musical instruments which will start playing at every passage, delighting the visitors with their waves.

Cersosimo is a small village and at the same time an ancient city.

How is that possible? By looking across the Castello hill, then rapidly down, through the ground’s layers, as far as the human eye can go. This is Cersosimo’s secret: an ancient city buried under the soil, where only a small amount of the monumental relics, found by the archeologists, have surfaced. Therefore, Cersosimo shields an extraordinary archaeological treasure that can only be imagined and is yet to be completely discovered and revealed.

Creating a community of purposes, passions and civil commitments in Tricarico. In memory of Rocco Scotellaro, former mayor of Tricarico and illustrious citizen. The Rocco Scotellaro Lucania Festival edition 2019 intends to establish a Community Play, more international and open to the future community, but still attached to its tradition, a community for all the people.

The night of Franco will be staged in Francavilla in Sinni, a show inspired by the story of the Risorgimento brigand, Antonio Franco.

A stable and, at the same time, simultaneous travelling show with a number of animated pictures with an independent drama, involving the 'Don Pino Terracina' association for the disabled in a great journey that will bring visitors to a great parade up to the stage, with music, street artists and video installations.

Maratea grandmothers used to multitask: they knew how to bind thin blades of grass in order to make resistant ropes, while chatting, telling stories and sharing knowledge.

Until the late 70s, women from Maratea used to entwine ropes while chatting and exchanging ideas. A temporary community of residents and visitors will replicate this tradition in every working phase.

'And thence we came forth to see again the stars'. Anzi, a small town near Potenza, is famous for one of Italy’s most important Astronomic Planetary Observatories, and for its dark sky which is a rarity today: two spectacular characteristics with which to enjoy the eternal beauty of the universe.

Contrarily to the title of last year’s Oscar-winning film, water does not have a shape.

Being a liquid, water changes and adapts according to what holds or surrounds it, and it is this fluid nature that allows it to flow along natural routes, to penetrate the smallest cracks or to be manipulated by man. Whenever water changes, the landscape transforms with it, putting on new clothes.