Matera 2019

Designing and implementing 27 projects, among more than 50 projects included in the winning bid book was the main objective of the co-creation phase during which Matera 2019 worked together with the local creative communities selected through the public call for project leaders.

After the capacity building programme focused on European dimension, artistic dimension, management, production of outputs for the audience and sustainability of productions, the participants drew up an in-depth executive project developed from the exchanges and the work carried out together.

A further call for proposals led to the selection of the best executive projects in which to invest the resources of Matera 2019. The implementing work will last throughout 2018 in order to be included in 2019 planned activities.


Build up - Workshop & Camp

During the build-up to the project, the Project Leaders worked together to improve their skills and knowledge of the cultural system and ecosystem of Matera and of Basilicata. 

This capacity-building process included a series of workshops and a collective camp, during which the participants worked, ate and relaxed together.  In view of the important goal of 2019, this process led to the development of in-depth executive planning as a result of the work done together.

1st workshop from 26th to 27h Jun 2017
2nd workshop from 10th to 11th Jul 2017
3rd workshop from 17th to 18th Jul 2017
The camp
4th workshop from 25th to 26th Sep 2017

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