Matera 2019

Kaunas (Lithuania)
From temporary to Contemporary Capital

Kaunas’s slogan – From temporary to Contemporary Capital’ – illustrates the city’s ambition. During the interwar period, Kaunas was Lithuania's capital city. It has now come back under the spotlight as an innovative, culturally vibrant European city. Kaunas' modernist architecture, which received the European Heritage Label, will receive renewed attention and host many cultural events as a 2022 European Capital of Culture. Its programme includes over 600 projects involving more 80 organisations and their partners (210 from abroad), 4,000 creators, totaling around 1,000 events (40 festivals, 60 exhibitions, more than 250 performing art events, of which more than 50 are premieres, and over 250 concerts). Kaunas 2022 also creates a new myth to help the city on its new path - ‘The Mythical Beast of Kaunas’ - creating a unifying narrative that will unfold in 2022.

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Novi Sad (Serbia)
For New Bridges

The yearlong cultural programme of Novi Sad - under the ‘For New Bridges’ motto – aims to further connect the city’s and region’s cultural community and inhabitants with the European Union and reinforce their links with the rest of the Western Balkans area. Novi Sad's cultural programme is divided into four 'bridges' that the city wishes to share with citizens of Europe under the values of freedom, rainbow, hope, love. The programme includes more than 1,500 cultural events and 4,000 local, national and international artists. It is based on eight thematic arches addressing issues of European relevance, such as migration, peace, multiculturalism and the role of women in art and youth culture.

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Esch -sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)
REMIX Culture

Esch’s slogan as a 2022 European Capital of Culture will be ‘REMIX Culture’ with the following four focus areas: REMIX Europe, REMIX Art, REMIX Nature, REMIX Yourself.  Esch2022 wants to celebrate the history of a cross-border region located in the heart of Europe. It will tell the story of its evolution from the industrial age based on the steel industry until today's knowledge society and its future potential in the era of digital revolution. The Capital proposes to discuss together with its citizens and visitors major societal issues of today, such as identity in the digital age, sustainable development, new perspectives for Europe.

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