Matera 2019

Valletta (Malta)

Imagine 18
With Imagine 18 as its central theme, Valletta 2018 will bring shifts in mentality, challenge to experiment, raise expectations both as artists and as audiences, and embrace permanent change to enrich Maltese cultural lives. This will be done by focusing on encouraging the participation of individuals and organizations from different parts of society.
The programme includes festivals and performances about science, arts, kids and youths, dance, theatre, food and many others topics. The concepts behind the events are driven by three main themes: “Island Stories”, “Future Baroque” and “Voyages”.
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Leeuwarden (Netherlands)

The iepen mienskip - open community
The central theme The iepen mienskip - open community has the aim to connect different kinds of communities across Europe, both online and ‘in real life’. With more than 800 projects, the ECoC will show an idiosyncratic and committed community sensitive to and curious about each other’s ideas, opportunities and challenges.
The programme is articulated into three themes. Theme one is about how nature and culture relate to each other in the broadest sense. Theme two focuses on the relationship between city and countryside. The third theme is about how people live together in these places and how different co-existing cultures communicate and interact.
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