Matera 2019

Seeking Pythagoras. A journey all the way through Basilicata. Pisticci, the ancient Heraclea, Metaponto: these are some of the towns crossed by the brilliant mathematician from Sarno, after he was sent away from Crotone. A travelling event called 'Pythagoras Rewind', will pay tribute to the great philosopher.

The event starts in Pisticci, with the festival 'Like fireflies – Arts and urban regeneration festival', which involves different enactments and contemporary art languages, highlighting Pisticci and enhancing its architectural and cultural heritage. With a special focus on the so-called empty casedde (small houses) in the old town centre, it recalls Pythagoras’s philosophy and spontaneous, harmonic architecture.

The event continues in Scanzano, with 'NOSTOS / coming back theatre', by staging the ancient Greek masterpieces, by Nestor and Homer, recalling the roots of a territory which is still called Magna Graecia.

The Bronze tables which regulate agriculture and water in ancient Heraclea, borrowed by the Archaeological Museum in Naples, and a number of extremely important archaeological and engineering relics will be exhibited in Policoro.

Many ways to celebrate a founder of western philosophy such as Pythagoras, who will be celebrated

with a statue, the first one dedicated to him in Metaponto, the last destination of his incredible journey.

Realized in co-production by
Municipalities of Bernalda | Pisticci | Scanzano | Policoro
for Capital for one day

Project Partners:

a.p.s Act in Circus