Matera 2019

Lumen | Social Light is a light shining over Matera, to illuminate the past and future of Southern Italy. But there is more to it. The project consists of two parts, two different ways of producing a single great floodlight. Lumen rediscovers the ancient tradition of illuminations, made for the occasion by the Basilicata community and by some of the most important companies in this sector in Southern Italy. 

They will bring light to those places, those open spaces and buildings where the highlights of Matera 2019 will take place: fifteen light installations for fifteen strategic points - map pointers which will encourage geolocation on technological devices in a brilliant way.

Social Light, on the other hand, will spread light over the whole of Basilicata, starting from the people. Over 4,000 people will take part in workshops at the Open Design School, making luminous objects called 'bag lights', to be carried around the city and create flashes or glimmers of light, illuminating Matera’s streets.

Illuminate, illuminate us: this is a different vision, lighting up the night to find new directions and prospects.




Giovanna Bellini, light designer, Italy