Matera 2019

Onda is multidisciplinary: sound, seismic and electromagnetic waves.  Onda is multiform: harmonic, rotational and gravitational waves.
Pythagoras had already noticed the transversal fascination of the waves when he maintained that from the observation of a single vibration of the monochord one could discover the microscopic aspects of sound propagation and at the same time study the laws that govern the entire universe.

In fact it raises the profile of sound mapping from underground to the sky above Matera, creating artistic installations and open source applications that will involve scholars and students, musicians, astronomers, children, complete with original cross-media performances. Onda oscillates in the relationship between art and science, investigating the binomial to illuminate one of the pillars of Mediterranean science and culture: the relationship between sound, music and song.

Onda is also an invitation to close our eyes and let ourselves be guided by the voice of a city that sings its own paths to draw the profile of the soundscape, rediscover the beauty of silence and the pleasure of music in an unprecedented instrumental and scientific version of the world.


MaterElettrica, Italy
Murcof, Mexico
Scientists: Tommaso Dinoia, Giorgio Dragoni, Franco Farinelli, Luigi Borzacchini, Giuseppe Bianco, Matteo Meschiari