Matera 2019

Science and the arts seen as products of biological and cultural evolution: a reciprocal source of inspiration and an important channel of communication. These are ideas that the Matera2019 programme explores with a view to defining the relationship between humanist culture and scientific culture, in particular through one of the themes of the European Capital of Culture application dossier’s cultural agenda: Distant Future. This theme focuses on the age-old relationship with space and the stars – a relationship that follows in the steps of Pythagoras, one of the most illustrious residents of Basilicata – and explores the ancient universal splendour of science.

This was the starting point for Schisi, a series of five e-books created with Doppiozero, in an online cultural magazine edited by Marco Belpoliti. The five e-book articles on science and the arts are curated by Agostino Riitano – a project manager supervisor for Matera2019 – and focus on five authors who investigate interdisciplinary aspects, combining the rigour of their research with particular attention to the accessibility of the texts. The first volume is by Mario Porro with the title 'Margins of Science'. You can download the book for free here.

Collaboration with Doppiozero will generate one issue per month up until September, when two projects from the cultural programme will be presented to the public, blending science and the arts together emblematically: Wave and Quantum Dance. This Matera2019 event benefits from collaboration with major Italian and European scientific institutions, including the ASI/Space Geodesy Center in Matera, Trieste 2020 European City of Science and CNR.

The series has one objective in particular, which is to chart a course between the humanities and the pure sciences.