Matera 2019

Reflections and connections

Atella has always been a model of solidarity. Between 1320 and 1330, Giovanni D’Angiò proposed the abolition of taxes for whoever wanted to move to the Vitalba Valley area. Nowadays Atella is a cultural identity melting pot, a community which animates the city thanks to the project 'Atella: an original cultural melting pot'.

An ancient and new way of linking: dances, maps, itineraries in order to go back to being citizens.

LAUCCA is a long-term civic project which involves the Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa municipalities. First of all, the population is invited to realise a cartographic representation of the territory– an artistic chart, which is not used for orientation but to build a shared collective portrait.

'Boredom, boredom, boredom!' Sandra Mondaini used to say in her bed in the famous Italian sitcom Casa Vianello, but the truth is it appears that boredom is the key to creativity and to have nothing to do often brings brilliant ideas. People from Noepoli know it well, with the project 'A vijë a vijë': voices and paths of the State of Noia will use the ancient name of the feud  which also includes the present area of Noepoli, once Noja (In Italian 'Noia' means 'boredom') – to recall the restless sensation of boredom.

The recipe for Reloaded 2019 includes three fundamental ingredients: good musicians, the most significant and symbolic places in Lavello and Montemilone and their people.

The final result will be a musical festival with a strong focus on  its creation, a perfect mix of traditional folk music, made with barrel organs, tambourines, dances and the new languages that come from the latest technology.

The ball and books intertwine for a European event that combines football and literature. On the pitch of the Alfredo Mancinelli municipal stadium in Tito, four international writers (from Italy, Germany, England and Sweden) will compete in the 2019 edition of the Writers League.

There was a time when bread was baked in a common oven, when clothes were washed in the same water, and the days were divided by precise and collective tasks. The water stories project wants to recall the slowness of those rhythms and the authenticity of traditions through a number of initiatives dedicated to the recovery of old values and manual activities. Latronico and its precious peculiarities will be the protagonist of these two days, especially the manual activities (such as the puntino ad ago, the typical embroidery technique from Basilicata nominated by UNESCO as worldwide heritage), the natural resources (such as  the Calda di Latronico water) and its history (to discover during the visits to the historic pluming factories).

All stories are visions from the past, or anticipations from the future. During its Day as a Capital, Palazzo San Gervasio wil start a journey through stories and visions which include music, images, video maps and new technologies. On 15th and 16th June, the community of Palazzo San Gervasio will be involved in three storytellings and in the sharing of: A journey between stories and visions.

A celebration of words.

Fardella has worked for years on its vocabulary, but today it opens its doors to visitors within a festival over three days of workshops, author meetings with scholars and open celebrations, such as the conferment as an honorary citizen to Andy Donato, a Canadian cartoonist whose father was from Lucania and who was born in Fardella himself.

In the same way men’s wisdom is hidden behind the wrinkles on their faces, the cities relive the secrets of their past through the remaining relics.

The town of Ruoti celebrates its identity starting from the customs and traditions of its society, in order to tell the guests the identity of a community, born in the 6th century BC and which is deeply anchored to its origins, but still looks to the future with trust.