Matera 2019

Reflections and connections

Going back to your origins is not a process that can be done standing still; rather, it is a series of different yet complementary actions, and a process that needs to be completed. The idea of Ka Art is to transform the Pollino area into a large natural map.

In the tuff stone quarries north of Matera, the Chiesa del Sole appears to visitors as if it were an elderly lady asleep among the blocks of tuff. This place, set in the rock of a medieval monastery, will be the setting on Wednesday 24 July 2019 at 21.30 for a concert by the RAI National Symphony Orchestra conducted by James Conlon, an American who originates from Lucania and who has been the principal conductor of the Orchestra since 2016.

While taking part in sport is good, talking about it is even better. Sport Tales is a programme of initiatives which link sport, commentating and culture in the streets of Matera. Young sportspeople from across Europe will take part in two youth soccer and basketball tournaments (Coppa Scirea and Minibasket in Piazza), while off the pitch the athletes, their parents and sports coaches can learn about different types of sports commentary, from traditional ones to posts on social media. 

"Abitare Futuro" is the theme inspiring this Altofest special edition. From 4th of November to 8th of December, over 26 international artists with performances in 11 towns of Basilicata Region, in 5 different areas, will be hosted by residents in their houses, which then become venues that welcome audiences.

'Mediterranea' is an exhibition that tells of the history, beauty, populations and myths of this sea continent, but also of the pitfalls and contrasts that menace it today. The itinerary will represent the Mediterranean in all its complexity, through the narration of its history using unique satellite images, photos, videos and site-specific installations with an extraordinary emotive impact.

Can classical music be made popular and accessible to everyone? This is the challenge set by the project DUNI EUROPA, to be tackled with the help of a prestigious institution – the Egidio Romualdo Duni Conservatoire. Musicians from the Duni Conservatoire will gather in the marquee that will host the events of Circus+ and entertain the community with the most famous pieces of classical music.

In 2019, sharing is really easy: it’s done online using images, texts, videos, and sometimes with the sound of your voice. But how many people would be brave enough to go offline and share their home?

Before the advent of sound in film, in the early 1900 there was a different kind of cinema, where mime was the protagonist and the actor’s bodies were the language. Those were the years of silent movies, and one of the most prolific directors in that period was Robert Vignola, whose real name was Rocco Giuseppe Vignola, born in Trivigno. A giant bloomed in Hollywood, who always remained faithful to his background. This land now pays a passionate and affectionate tribute to him which will continue this year, with a day dedicated to Vignola and his movies.

The hill range of Sheshë rises on the north-east side of Barile, with its many tuff caves, once used as cellars for producing Aglianico wine, and at the same time a place where people could share their everyday life. A custom representing Barile’s history, the soul and the tradition of the town. 'Soul and tradition' is the name of the event that recalls the community’s recent past and its distinctive identity called arbëreshe.