Matera 2019

Going back to your origins is not a process that can be done standing still; rather, it is a series of different yet complementary actions, and a process that needs to be completed. The idea of Ka Art is to transform the Pollino area into a large natural map.

The area will be re-lived through walking, in a meeting of experiences and relations. The Albanian and Italian young performers of Art House chosen by Claudia Losi and Adrian Paci, will live in a residency-cum-studio in the Parco Nazionale del Pollino, seeking to find a new way to define the area through walking, together their tutor Claudia Losi e Francesco Pedrini. While walking, writers like Enrico Brizzi, Elvira Dones and Antonio Pascale, accompanied by the Circolo dei Lettori in Turin, illustrator Marco Cazzato, astrophysicist Amedeo Balbi and musician Riccardo Sinigallia, will narrate what they see around them in music, images and words.

There will also be dancing by Jérôme Bel and artistic performances by Lucy + Jorge Orta, ending in a great communal supper: two different ways to show, yet again, that the relationship between our bodies and the space we move in is the primary manifestation of culture and identity, in addition to being the oldest and most natural.



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Project Partners:

Art House Scutari, fondata da Adrian Paci, Albania
Circolo dei Lettori di Torino, Italy
GAi Giovani Artisti italiani, Italy


Jérôme Bel, Fance

Lucy + Jorge Orta, France

Claudia Losi, Italy

Francesco Pedrini, Italy

Elvira Dones, Albania

Marco Cazzato, Italy

Antonio Pascale, Italy

Matteo Caccia, Italy

Amedeo Balbi, Italy

Riccardo Sinigallia, Italy

Silva Agostini, Italy

Bora Baboçi, Albania

Camilla Salvatore, Italy

Cosimo Veneziano, Italy

Pleurad Xhafa, Albania


Ente Parco Nazionale del Pollino
GAL La cittadella del sapere

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