Matera 2019

Can classical music be made popular and accessible to everyone? This is the challenge set by the project DUNI EUROPA, to be tackled with the help of a prestigious institution – the Egidio Romualdo Duni Conservatoire. Musicians from the Duni Conservatoire will gather in the marquee that will host the events of Circus+ and entertain the community with the most famous pieces of classical music.

The highlight of the project will be Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, which many of us know as the European Anthem, to be performed in Matera by the city’s most prestigious and famous orchestra. But the Conservatoire will also be involved in other activities, which will take its story and talents beyond Italy: to the Mozarteum in Salzburg, where the music of Paternoster and Beethoven will be performed, and the 'Song of the Sassi' by Damiano D’Ambrosio, which will express the traditions and music of Matera. In October there will be a performance in Astana, in Kazakhstan. Music is a universal language which unites different peoples and cultures, from Matera to the rest of the world.

Project Partners:

Conservatorio Statale di Musica “E. R. Duni”, Italy

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