Matera 2019

Reflections and connections

In the future, everybody will be famous for 15 minutes, said Andy Warhol in the Sixties.

In Matera every town will be Capital for one Day, we can say; and Muro Lucano will respond to this in September 2019, when the entire community will take part in the organisation and the staging of events regarding the Battle of Numistro, during which the Roman Army faced Hannibal’s Carthaginian army on the battlefield.

Like a new Cinderella The Cat, Rapone turns into a Capital for a Day just like the famous princess from Basile’s fairytale, to deliver a magical experience of the Tale of Tales to everyone. Taking inspiration from Giovan Battista Basile’s collection, the project 'The enchantment of the Tales and the Great Fairytale Ball' foresees the creation of a magic journey through the village’s streets.

The project involves the realisation of a cycle of murals (5/6), starting from the entry doors to the town, and representing the most important moments of Basilicata’s social, political and cultural history. The initiative has several phases and will develop during the months before the date set for event realisation.

The people of Gallicchio will play a love story under an enchanting moonlight in September 2019. The 'Gola' will be the spectacular natural setting, where the Egyptian vulture, the Grifon and the Great Kite, lay their eggs every year. The ancient Andean legend, written by Hérnan H. Mamani tells the story about a young Shepherd who falls in love with a star and reaches it by flying on the wings of a bird of prey. They call him Gallicchio because of the feathers on his hat. It is a tale about the relationship between nature and its heart, about how the places we live in can determine our aspirations and our future.

Towns that interact, people who meet, roads that intersect. A harmonic fairy dance, full of suggestions. This is the challenge for Abriola, Tursi, Trecchina and Sarconi, four towns representing the 'Angels of the Basilicata', and promoting the regeneration of itineraries and tours which are the foundations of the Basilicata’s identity, in order to enhance the cultural and traditional heritage. 

A place is never on its own 'that place', we are also a small part of that place. Antonio Tabucchi wrote these words in his 'Trame di racconti. La lentezza della fuga' (Tale plots, the slowness of escape). Coming from this quotations from the work of another writer will be explored: 'Ventunora a Sant’Arcangelo', by Nicola Sansanelli from Ventuora a Sant’Arcangelo.

BorgArtFest, a project that arose from the idea of creating a public art festival in the historic core of Montalbano Jonico, consists mainly of modernising some areas of the borough that have been abandoned and neglected in order to regenerate urban spaces using “street art” such as murals and transform street furniture according to the vision of street artist Tom Bob.

Stories are everywhere, all around us. The secret is to learn to find them, to read them and to listen to them.

This is why the project 'The streets of crossed stories' involves artists’ residency which is divided into two phases: the first one will be silent, the artists will only have to listen. The residents of Miglionico will talk, the young people, the families, the elders, invited to tell true or passed down stories of the people’s tradition.

The enchanted river. This is the name of the valley of San Giorgio Lucano since it was nominated as a cultural asset of the region of San Giorgio Lucano. Val Sarmento owns a rich treasure of stories, traditions, music and rituals. The river meanders through the green slopes, carrying its colours, its sound and the magic of its landscapes, describing the territory, the culture and its inhabitants through its hypnotic flow.