Matera 2019

A place is never on its own 'that place', we are also a small part of that place. Antonio Tabucchi wrote these words in his 'Trame di racconti. La lentezza della fuga' (Tale plots, the slowness of escape). Coming from this quotations from the work of another writer will be explored: 'Ventunora a Sant’Arcangelo', by Nicola Sansanelli from Ventuora a Sant’Arcangelo.

The work will be analysed through theatrical performances, short films, workshops and explorations in order to trace the words left in the text, moments of reflection and conviviality, which will turn the work into a modern symposium. It will be a pleasure to rediscover the art of exchanging stories, to abandon ourselves to slowness, in a perfect location, a cellar. The perfect place for a collective narration, sitting in comfortable armchairs, tasting some good food, playing cards, with a glass of red wine in an intimate and safe atmosphere, which encourages dialogues and the telling of stories in confidence.

Once you are full, you can go out for a walk together around the ancient walls that surround the old town, holding the 'Ventunora a Sant’Arcangelo' book as a timeless guide to explore an unknown territory.

Realized in co-production by

Municipality of Sant'Arcangelo for Capital for one day