Matera 2019

The hill range of Sheshë rises on the north-east side of Barile, with its many tuff caves, once used as cellars for producing Aglianico wine, and at the same time a place where people could share their everyday life. A custom representing Barile’s history, the soul and the tradition of the town. 'Soul and tradition' is the name of the event that recalls the community’s recent past and its distinctive identity called arbëreshe.

The arbëreshe culture will be analysed by international anthropologists in order to understand its characteristics and history. 'The objects of memory', relics from the town’s domestic and working life, will be the main topic of a photo exhibition unravelled along the town’s streets. A number of murals will be created in order to document the hiatus between tradition and an impersonal and hyper-technological present, a warning for the protection of minorities and the population’s peculiarity, the identity of a town.

Realized in co-production by
Municipality of Barile
for Capital for one day