Matera 2019

There was a time when bread was baked in a common oven, when clothes were washed in the same water, and the days were divided by precise and collective tasks. The water stories project wants to recall the slowness of those rhythms and the authenticity of traditions through a number of initiatives dedicated to the recovery of old values and manual activities. Latronico and its precious peculiarities will be the protagonist of these two days, especially the manual activities (such as the puntino ad ago, the typical embroidery technique from Basilicata nominated by UNESCO as worldwide heritage), the natural resources (such as  the Calda di Latronico water) and its history (to discover during the visits to the historic pluming factories).

Folk songs and nursery rhymes will accompany the initiative, recovering the neighborhood’s social importance in order to build a social and economic model based on key words such as passion, care, frugality, rural, reuse, silence, slowness.

The second day will be dedicated to water: as a metaphor of transformation, it will be the protagonist of a journey along the most significant local water landscapes, animated by performances and artistic settings.

The water is the reason of the project’s title: stories which recall the stillness of the suburban areas and water as a symbol of progress: realities that don’t clash and are instead complementary, because the best seeds for the future are planted during the moments of stagnation.

Realized in co-production by

Municipality of Latronico

for Capital for one day