Matera 2019

Roots and routes

During the 1930s the writer Carlo Levi was forced into exile in Basilicata and became fond of the local community. The light, landscape, alleys and houses inspired his photographs, paintings and writing, which was used in his masterpiece Christ Stopped at Eboli. This human and artistic experience, can be followed by visitors through a guided tour of the places that inspired Primo Levi, which also shows the attractions of Grassano: Palazzo Materi, with its original late 18th century furniture, the Monumental Crib by the artist Franco Artese, the main church of San Giovanni Battista, the 18th century cloister and ancient 'Capo le Grotte'.

Imagine going back to Magna Graecia, obliterating everything that followed: the sounds in particular; now all you can only hear is birds whistling, bushes rustling, moved by forest animals, and water running. The first thing you do is just listen.
In Garaguso we will go back in time for a day, rediscovering actions, tools and ancient flavours at the Marble Temple of Persephone and Palazzo Revertera, a beautiful hunting lodge.  This location will inspire a large-scale re-enactment in two different timeframes.

It seems incredible, but in Castronuovo di Sant’Andrea there are actually 250  cribs from all over the world. You can find them in the churches, caves, cellars, and abandoned houses. Most of them are kept in the Vanni Scheiwiller International Crib Museum  in the medieval district of Manca. Four hundred years of history and art and craftmanship masterpieces are concentrated in just one town.

History is not only made of dates but of moments, events, everyday fragments. So what is the best way to represent it if not through images?

This is Calvera’s idea, with the support of the local administration and tourist office: telling the story of the city and its community through the figurative arts.

Naples and Basilicata are only part of what used to be the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, which for 50 years covered the south of Italy before Italian reunification. They are divided by aspirations, landscape, geographical and strategic importance, and many migrants from Basilicata moved to Naples seeking a new life.

A short film 'Culture meets business' tells some wonderful family stories as an example to follow.

The starting point is very simple: we often consider business and culture as two separate entities, one inferior and the other superior, one with vested interests and the other impartial, one materialistic and the other idealistic. But it’s not like that at all. Especially in a historic time of great change, where small places face an economic crisis and youth emigration, it is helpful to think of culture and business as a single entity.

St Nicholas is a superstar! Worshipped and adored, altruistic and tenacious, St Nicholas from Myra inspired the figure of Santa Claus. His cult is shared by the Roman and Orthodox Catholic churches, and he is famous the world over, but nobody has ever made him into music. Until now. 'St Nicholas and the Three Maidens' is a musical, with nine singers and eight dancers, in the municipality of Brindisi Montagna, in a live performance based on important events in his life.

Isabella and Maria Giuseppe Tortorelli are two sisters from Armento, united by hope. In the early 20th century many Italians decide to travel to New York to find a job, and to live a better life. The two sisters find work at the Triangle Waist Company. They make fashionable blouses, that they may never wear.

Can a cake change a person’s destiny? Yes, if this timeless delicacy is the 'pastizzotto from Nova Siri', a typical traditional product which inspires “Joe’s Pie” from the final play in the Nova Siri’s Capital for a Day event.

'Joe’s Pie', a pure comedy with a retro edge, written by Elisabetta Tulli and directed by Serena Mastrosimone and Gino Matrunola, will stage a story of smiles and sweetness. The story tells about a small cafe in the suburbs which is waiting for the visit of a famous culinary critic, who is interested in the secret ingredient that makes 'Joe’s Pie' so special.