Matera 2019

Isabella and Maria Giuseppe Tortorelli are two sisters from Armento, united by hope. In the early 20th century many Italians decide to travel to New York to find a job, and to live a better life. The two sisters find work at the Triangle Waist Company. They make fashionable blouses, that they may never wear.

They will die in a fire together with 144 other workers from across the world. An incredible tragedy that reminds us how far we still are from proper health and safety in the workplace, from more fair and humane conditions, especially for women. For this reason, a play produced by the Mandragora Theatre company dedicated to the two sisters will be performed in a square called 'Largo Sorelle Tortorelli', which has been recently renovated and is one of the most spectacular places in Armento. It is a story of courage, hope and pain, where the sets and the props will take us back through time and space. So we never forget.

Realized in co-production by
Municipality of Armento for Capital for one day