Matera 2019

A short film 'Culture meets business' tells some wonderful family stories as an example to follow.

The starting point is very simple: we often consider business and culture as two separate entities, one inferior and the other superior, one with vested interests and the other impartial, one materialistic and the other idealistic. But it’s not like that at all. Especially in a historic time of great change, where small places face an economic crisis and youth emigration, it is helpful to think of culture and business as a single entity.

It is important for business people to have an open mind, to be receptive to new ideas, and to diversify. The project starts by selecting a number of local entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, from small businesses to large companies like Centro Olio di Tempa Rossa, which drills for oil in the Corleto area. Interviews with businesspeople will be screened in a large public arena, followed by a debate with the residents.

The short film will be given to the local authorities as a 'group photo' of Corleto’s entrepreneurship and a demonstration of local involvement.

Coproduced by

Municipality of Corleto Perticara for Capital for one day

Project Partners:

Ass. Cult. Istinto Lucano