Matera 2019

St Nicholas is a superstar! Worshipped and adored, altruistic and tenacious, St Nicholas from Myra inspired the figure of Santa Claus. His cult is shared by the Roman and Orthodox Catholic churches, and he is famous the world over, but nobody has ever made him into music. Until now. 'St Nicholas and the Three Maidens' is a musical, with nine singers and eight dancers, in the municipality of Brindisi Montagna, in a live performance based on important events in his life.

It takes place in Patara, Turkey in 291 AD Three young sisters, daughters of a poor man in debt, are forced to become prostitutes in order to earn the money for their dowry and their survival. A cruel destiny which will be overturned by Nicholas, a young and generous heir, who one night, without been seen, will fill the girls’ rooms with bags of gold. An ancient Father Christmas, capable of turning a tragic situation into a classic happy ending, in a message of hope and justice which represents the saint’s great legacy.

Realized in co-production by
Municipality of Brindisi di Montagna for Capital for one day