Matera 2019

Roots and routes

People in Matera are particularly fond of two forms of cultural expression: music and food. Thanks to a series of workshops, concerts and dinners organised with the Vegetable Orchestra and Lucanian chefs, these two important traditions will intertwine in a merry explosion of sounds.

Discovering traces of religion in the area of Matera and Basilicata

Promoted by the Matera-Irsina archdiocese through the Church Cultural Park “Terre di luce” – APS

Declining five verbs – to go out, to announce, to inhabit, to educate, to transfigure – to find again the “pleasure for the human”. Understanding the signs of the times to shed light on the darkness of  contemporary anthropologic confusion, that is the 'more' of the Christian gaze, in a world where «everything seems the same».

Bread and wheat are identity and socialising elements of the community. Bread is sociability. It is not by chance that the Fondazione Sassi has started this project in one of the oldest communal ovens in Sasso Barisano, which it has restored and now preserves. Sociality and participation, along with safeguarding of identity and openness to new contaminations, mark this current historic shift, from which the project tries to grasp its meaning and trace a direction. The project's paths and variations keep this identity/sociality relationship close, even when the identity is that of individual collectives (cities, towns etc.), since the recognition of oneself in the other allows identity to be combined with mutuality.

Breadway, an “experiential journey” between food and design, thanks to the presence of its national and international partners in its two annual editions, will undertake a true journey through the European cultural landscape on a number of levels, over the creative bread routes; through an innovative consumption of culture, all phases of breadmaking will be retraced and relived, from the simple grain of wheat up to the point when 2019’s grand European bread will be taken out of the oven.

M.E.M.O.RI., the acronym of the Museo Euro-Mediterrraneo dell'Oggetto RI-fiutato (Euro-Mediterranean Museum of Rejected Objects) is an itinerant and interactive museum that is born from a reworking of handicrafts in an artistic way, which have been ‘discarded’ from contemporary dynamics. To achieve this, we worked on the strong generative power of contamination, through a process of exchange, dialogue and comparison between 5 Mediterranean ports (Genoa, Marseille, Malaga, Tetouan, Tunis) and 5 Lucanian communities.

AWARE experiments with the conception of a travelling theatre, contaminating performative art with the methods of urban regeneration research, in order to create a spectacular street machine, able to put the concepts of identity and change of the Lucanian territoryand its contemporary inhabitants into circulation. In a city in Basilicata, there is a huge cement ship wedged between two very tall buildings. It is a work of art, a monument, a hanging garden, it is the symbol for us of the immobility of the South, of what is powerful and majestic but fails to find the strength to move and leave. It's always been the work of discord.

Mammamiaaa is a celebration of food and relationships - the social ways in which diverse communities produce, distribute, preserve, and consume food in their daily lives. The emphasis is on care, more than consumption. It’s about a connection to a place, and a bridge between the generations.
In 2018 and 2019, thousands of meals are organised across Italy and Europe in a spirit of conviviality. At each meal, family members and guests share stories about food and cooking. The stories are collected and uploaded to social media channels.