Matera 2019

Roots and routes

People in Matera are particularly fond of two forms of cultural expression: music and food. Thanks to a series of workshops, concerts and dinners organised with the Vegetable Orchestra and Lucanian chefs, these two important traditions will intertwine in a merry explosion of sounds.

Discovering traces of religion in the area of Matera and Basilicata

Promoted by the Matera-Irsina archdiocese through the Church Cultural Park “Terre di luce” – APS

Declining five verbs – to go out, to announce, to inhabit, to educate, to transfigure – to find again the “pleasure for the human”. Understanding the signs of the times to shed light on the darkness of  contemporary anthropologic confusion, that is the 'more' of the Christian gaze, in a world where «everything seems the same».

Land, bread and wheat are the identity and socialising elements of the community. Bread is sociability. It is not by chance that Fondazione Sassi has renovated one of the most ancient community ovens located in the Sasso Barisano that it safeguards nowadays.

A cultural and generational meeting, storytelling, food, design and performing arts: these are the project guidelines which, starting with Matera’s great breadmaking tradition and stamps, will open the region up to the whole of Italy and Europe in an itinerary of meetings and encounters, through a “recipe” that will not just purely concern food, but will look beyond that, becoming broader in its artistic and cultural scope.

This project envisages artistic and anthropological events using objects which represent the Euro-Mediterranean civic and cultural heritage, through interactive and creative workshops with a view to an open and accessible culture. This process will support and foster crucial discussions and influencing factors to develop communities.

In a town in Basilicata, there is a huge cement ship embedded between two tall buildings. It is a work of art, a monument and a roof garden; a symbol, for us, of the South paralysis, of something that is powerful and majestic but which cannot find the strength to move and leave.

A celebration of the key role played by women in tangible culture. With the Mammaaa Mia project, we are opening our homes to the whole of Europe and transforming them into convivial spaces for storytelling and for meeting friends.