Matera 2019

Discovering traces of religion in the area of Matera and Basilicata

Worship, spiritual research, taking care of oneself and stewardship of creation: there are so many reasons for a pilgrimage. Particularly to Matera, where Mary is La Bruna for everyone and the patron saints are a tangible presence, animating religious celebrations and services.

This is how the cultural itinerary of 'I Cammini' (The Pathways) originated – a project co-produced by Matera 2019, the Associazione Parco Culturale Ecclesiale 'Terre di luce' and the Archdiocese of Matera-Irsina. The project focuses on protagonists of places of worship and tradition, on a path to follow together in a welcoming and participative environment, which is a cornerstone of the Gospel.

The project proposes eight possible pathways, open to anyone who wishes to discover new directions and gain a better understanding of where they live and the people who live there. This can be summed up in five verbs, in five simple actions that symbolise the pathways: go out, announce, live, educate and transform.

While the Cathedral Path features the cathedrals of the six dioceses of Basilicata, highlighting their magnificent architecture and the experience of those who visit them, the Sanctuary Path invites our self-reflection, in heart and in spirit, on an evening route through art and culture.

The Advent and Christmas Path will bring the magic of Christmas to life authentically, in a sign of fraternity, while the Lent and Easter Pathway will focus on one of the most important times of Christianity through the arts and the Via Crucis, in a poignant representation in the ancient Sassi area of Christ’s Passion.

There is also a Generational Pathway, where people meet and form communities through knowledge and the art of work, and the Holy Nights Pathway, which transforms the White Night into a time of prayer and music. Music will be the main focus of the Old Pipe Organs Pathway, on which 200 historic organs will be played in various concerts, and finally the Reading Pathway, which can provide a theoretical basis to put us back on the right path.

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Project Partners:

Matera-Irsina Archdiocese

Potenza-Muro lucano-Marsico nuovo Archdiocese

Acerenza Archdiocese

Melfi-Venosa-Rapolla Diocese

Tricarico Diocese

Tursi-Lagonegro Diocese

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National Office for Social Communications of the Italian Bishops'
Pontificio Consiglio per la Cultura (The Pontifical Council of Culture)

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