Matera 2019

Who is the mysterious traveller who walks around the streets of Oppido Lucano? In its day as a Capital, the town will carry out a travelling show along the extra moenia (outside the walls) Trecedde, in order to enhance the unknown parts of the town which are of great historical and cultural importance. These locations will turn into multimedia sets with stories, music, artistic installations, projections and exhibitions, and every stop along this walk through art and nature will be divided into other micro events, forming a structural narration. 

Starting from the steps of the Annunziata Church, the passengers will follow their guide through a number of performances created for them to go back in time, with live music and shadow theatre. This introduction will continue until the end of the steps, when it will become a real performance with tableaux vivants, dances and plays, up to the Sant’Antuono caves, with its cycles of frescos from the 14th century, which can be visited before going back to the city. At the same time the doors of the Sant’Antonio convent will be open to  welcome visitors who want to see one of the most important local archaeological collection found on the territory.

Oppido Lucano waits for its mysterious travellers. Maybe you could be one of them?

Realized in co-production by
Municipality of Oppido Lucano
for Capital for one day