Matera 2019

Utopias and dystopias

Movimento libero is a project that investigates the relationship between art and different abilities with a special focus on accessibility. In partnership with the Oriente Occidente Dance Festival, Matera 2019 and the British Council are promoting a three-part project which highlights the role of people with disabilities as agents of change.

A difficult and risky idea, almost impossible. We are in 1741 and count Theodor Rendina has an ambitious project: to repopulate Campomaggiore, a small village of eighty people given to his family by King Philip the Fourth in 1673. Count Theodor Rendina has a big dream, he imagines a village without poverty: the city of Utopia.

Aliano: a city of exchanges, of passage and of connections. Aliano that hosted Carlo Levi during his toughest and most famous years, and where the writer chose to rest, to exchange a promise of reciprocal friendship. Aliano, the symbol of Lucania, as an exchange of populations and culture, people and traditions, Southern Italy and the Mediterranean, in the name of contamination and welcoming.

Fire is the most similar element to man. Far from the never-ending blow of wind, the cycle of water and the immutable presence of earth, fire is born and it grows and burns until it turns into ashes. Fire, like man, owns an enormous healing power ready to transform into destruction in a heartbeat. Pignola tells the story of the fire that heats and flares up in the 'Light my Fire' three-day event, which will take place between the summer solstice and the night of San Giovanni.

During the first half of the 16th century, the poetess Isabella Morra lived in Favale - today Valsinni - and she poured her short and tormented existence into a collection of poems. This year the collection is the pretext for transforming the old town in Basilicata into a large showcase for artists, artisans, musicians, where works in ancient and contemporary style blend together along a suggestive route that animates partial views, squares, lanes and house walls.

To resolve all contradictions, dichotomies and oxymorons linked to an extraordinary land in one day. Only one divinity can fulfil this task 'PAN – A Party for Everybody', an ambitious project involving all the municipalities of San Mauro Forte, Salandra, Calciano, Oliveto Lucano, Cirigliano, Gorgoglione e Rivello.

Technological evolution started when homo habilis used a sharpened stone to make his life simpler. We know that our ancestors used rudimentary tools more than two million years ago, and that the use of these tools was instrumental in developing human intelligence.

Therefore, the town of Rionero in Vulture has decided to highlight the importance of the artisan tradition that gave rise to these tools, which are the helping hands of those who use them on a daily basis, those craftsmen who create objects using local raw materials.