Matera 2019

Fire is the most similar element to man. Far from the never-ending blow of wind, the cycle of water and the immutable presence of earth, fire is born and it grows and burns until it turns into ashes. Fire, like man, owns an enormous healing power ready to transform into destruction in a heartbeat. Pignola tells the story of the fire that heats and flares up in the 'Light my Fire' three-day event, which will take place between the summer solstice and the night of San Giovanni.

The town will light up with the fire of tradition, art and technology, inaugurating its Capital for a Day from 21st to 23rd June 2019 with the video projection Fire Tree by the artist Potenza Silvio Giordano. Artistic installations will light up the streets and the piazzas, already filled with photos donated by the entire community of Pignola. The photos will be judged by the visitors: which memories deserve to be saved from the fury of the healing fire? The second day will be dedicated to short films on fire: three young directors will present their works dedicated to fire using only actors and extras from Pignola. On the third and last day magic will invade the whole city in a vortex of ancestral dances, band music and fire-eaters, celebrating the ancient rituals and the discovery of fire all night long.

Realized in co-production by
Municipality of Pignola for Capital for one day