Matera 2019

The best of Japanese Culture in Matera 2019

Italy and Japan are two nations sharing a strong common history. They are very different cultures and yet feel totally similar. Since 1993, when Antwerp was the European Capital of Culture, Japan has seized the opportunity to promote the culture of its country to cities that have been nominated European Capitals of Culture.

An activity carried out in an excellent way by the EU Japan Fest: a Japanese consortium whose mission is to create artistic and cultural co-productions with the European Capitals of Culture. In Matera in 2019, a program of artistic co-productions will be implemented to allow great Japanese artists and artistic production groups to bring their productions to Matera and to collaborate with the local creative community, the Open Design school and the local schools. Moreover, exchanges of artistic collaborations and residences of Japanese artists in Matera and of Lucanian artists in Japan will be organised and produced. Site-specific installations will be created with internationally-known artistic groups.

Project Partners:

EU Japan Fest
Japanese Cultural Institutions


Kojima Gakutoshi, Japan
Takashi Kuribayashi, Japan

Venue and Date *:

Workshop, seminars, installations from 1st May to 31st October 2019

(*) Dates and venues may be subject to change
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