Matera 2019

Study commissioned by The Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission to Ecorys.

The report provides final findings for the two 2019 European Capitals of Culture (ECoC), Matera and Plovdiv, based on evidence gathered during the course of the study. The cities of Matera and Plovdiv were the two ECoC cities for 2019. The evaluation has focused on how these cities developed their application and cultural programme, how they delivered their ECoC year, the benefits and impacts that were gained and any legacy issues they experienced. The evaluation also highlights what the cities actually delivered over 2019 and describe the themes, priorities and key projects that made up their ECoC cultural programme. Finally, the evaluation also puts forward conclusions, recommendations and lessons for future ECoC titleholders and applicants as well as EU institutions to learn from. 

Ex-post evaluation of the 2019