Matera 2019

Happiness, according to Tolstoy, is being with nature, experiencing it and conversing with it, in an active relationship which changes the land, making it greener, making it ours.

Gardentopia is for forgotten and deserted areas, in the suburbs and those places on the margins of the city centre, without tourism and social interaction; it is a green utopia for transforming these forgotten places into flowerbeds, gardens and vegetable gardens accessible to all residents. The project reaches out to all residents, and is coordinated by the artistic director Pelin Tan, international artists and landscape gardeners, who will work side by side with the community and local people.

Workshops, talks and events on different topics held during the Gardentopia days will take place in the gardens of Matera and across Lucania (the old name for Basilicata). The project will create a festival spirit to raise awareness about urban regeneration and make as much progress as possible towards this ambitious goal, to develop a greener Matera that everyone can enjoy.

Project Partners:

Coldiretti, Italy


Curator of the second phase of the project: Pelin Tan, Turkey

Community gardens: "Giardino dei MOMenti", "Giardino Spighe Bianche", "Giardino Agoragri", "Giardino L’erba del vicinato", "Giardino Namastè" in Matera and "Giardino Boschetto orizzontale" in Potenza

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