Matera 2019

On the occasion of the 2016 edition of Nanogagliato, the premiere of the Festival will take place in Matera, in collaboration with the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation and with the Matera Local Healthcare Authority.

This moment is linked to the previous events, the last of which was in March 2015 with the scientist Mauro Ferrari, to enhance the experiences of Nanogagliato and Matera 2019 and to strengthen the partnership between the Academy of Gagliato and the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation. The 22 July premiere will take place at Terrazza Contact (Complesso del Casale - Via Madonna delle Virtù) at 5 pm with the participation of 10 of the scientists from the NanoGagliato 2106 group and a nanoday of demonstrations and experiments for children, carried out by 10 ‘little academics’ from Gagliato, on transfer in Matera.
It will therefore be an opportunity to meet the illustrious guests who, together with the staff of the Nanogagliato Academy (Paola Ferrari president of the Academy, Mauro Ferrari, Giovanni Sinopoli, etc.) will enrich the days of the Festival (Emilia Chiancone President of the National Academy of Science, John Breinholt, Steve Conlan, John Holcomb, Lorenzo Pradella, Susan Miller, Adriele Prina-Mello, Brad Weiner, Cinzia Stigliano) and to exchange views on two topics: how to spread scientific knowledge and the relationship between the world's greatest centres of research and the small countries being abandoned. Nanotechnologies as medicine for treating our territories.