Matera 2019

With funding having been released, work is commencing towards the implementation of one of the two main projects of the Matera 2019 bid book, the Open Design School which will be the first school of design in Europe shaped around the principles of “Open Culture".

The initial Open Design School workshop aims to produce a concept for the redevelopment of the Cava del Sole so that it may become the first major outdoor cultural centre in Matera.
Located in a strategic position at the entrance to the city and the heart of a circuit of ancient clay caves, the Cava del Sole will be a true and proper open-air arena designed in an innovative way by a multidisciplinary team of professionals hailing from Basilicata and from the rest of Europe.

The first Open Design School workshop will be held throughout the months of September and October 2016.
Currently, we are concluding the procedures for the selection of the 15 participants in the workshop, to be announced mid-June together with the two coordinators.
The call for support in the administrative management of the start-up phase of the Open Design School is currently underway and will close on 7th June 2016.

To complete the project team, we will be seeking a scientific coordinator for the first Open Design School workshop, who will need to prepare the work programme and coordinate all of the activities.

The call is open to graduates in Architecture and/or Design with a proven track record in concept design and planning (not just infrastructural) of spaces for utilisation and cultural and creative production, as well as a thorough understanding of the values of the Open Design movement and the approach of open culture.

Candidates may submit their applications up until 12:00 pm on 15th June 2016.

pdf 16x16 Call for scientific coordinator of 1st Open Design School workshop

word 16x16 Application letter - scientific coordinator