Matera 2019

Transparency, activities undertaken in 2015 and the 2016 work programme of the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation. These are the main themes addressed throughout the press conference held on 5th May. Here are the slides of the presentation (the slides are in italian language).

In terms of transparency on this website – archive section > documents – it is already possible to download a series of documents concerning the Foundation's activities, such as the minutes approved by the Administration Board.  The work we do is transparent and will become even more so, as soon as we have an organisational structure better adapted to the challenges we have before us. Before being made public, the budgets must also be approved by the competent bodies. As such, we will be publishing the 2015 budget by 30th June.
In addition, we have published on the website the first post-designation report of the panel to comprehend what the European Commission shall request of us.

Procedures for transparency in Matera 2019. Words from the President of the Foundation Aurelia Sole (the interview is in italian language):

It is evident that we have to counter delays due substantially to the modification of the Statute, which is also published on the Matera 2019 site, but at least we are back on track! As required by the candidacy dossier, we have before us three biannual schedules: 2015-2016 construction of competencies; 2017-2018 co-production and preparation of the cultural programme; 2019-2020 production, presentation and consolidation of the projects.
We have concluded the build-up planning and commenced with the competency analysis, which will be constructed on the basis of the requirements of the cultural subjects of the territory, so as to render them able to best operate in the construction of the dossier activities.
We are the first European capital of culture that will invest in skills! The path of capacity-building foresees the actions of: investing in the future and in people; cultural co-production, rather than consumption; a team of people who, with various aims, will work on projects of the dossier; a strong involvement of the public (cultural citizens); promotion of this approach at various institutions and organisations that are not only cultural; dialogue and cooperation with European and national agencies.

The “cultural citizens” of Matera 2019. Upon commencement of the build-up actions! Rossella Tarantino, Manager of Development and Relations of the Foundation, explains (the interview is in italian language):

The Open Design School project shall recommence in Matera! Together with I-Dea, ODS is one of the key projects of the Matera 2019 cultural programme. It will be the first School of Design in Europe to be based on the principles of Open Culture (knowledge sharing). Soon we will publish the invitation to tender for the selection of the Scientific Manager of the workshop, having 15 participants of the ODS (Open Design School) who will work on two commissions - one of the Municipality and one of the Foundation itself. This concerns putting into play projects of urban regeneration and transformation, rendering immediately available the budgets for their management.

Together with I-Dea, ODS is one of the key projects of the Matera 2019 cultural programme.
In detail, the next steps of the project, with the Foundation Director, Paolo Verri (the interview is in italian language):