Matera 2019

Distribution of the Matera Events brochure for September and October 2015

In addition to being downloadable online, the brochure will be available in accommodation structures, restaurants, cafés and many locations of interest around the city of Matera.

Also in English, the tool aims to promote and give visibility to the many initiatives enlivening the territory, with the intention of recounting to tourists and citizens alike what is happening in the region.

pdf 16x16 Matera Events - September and October 2015

Please take note that to communicate your events to the Matera Events editor, it is necessary to utilise the online platform, also present in the OpenData section of the Matera Municipality site.

This platform in fact allows users to update daily events. Through a simple and brief procedure and in just a few minutes, each association/organisation can insert their own event into the calendar, which will be automatically pinpointed on the map. It is important to use this valuable tool, so that every citizen may know what is happening throughout the entire region and the whole community may have a calendar of events that is always up-to-date.

The platform was also created as an instrument to publicise and promote the events through our online communication channels.

Thanks to the OpenData contest of the Matera Municipality and the project proposal of Ego55, it is now possible to consult the shared events calendar - in beta version - at