Matera 2019

The Municipality of Matera and the Matera 2019 Committee are organizing on the 9th and 10th of April 2015, with the support of the Basilicata Region, the APT and Formedia, a two-day seminar aimed at comparing the different experiences of European Capitals of Culture in terms of communicating the cultural program. The final goal is ambitious as it aims at expanding as much as possible the scope of the programmed activities and involve the largest possible number of European citizens around the projects.
It is no coincidence that Matera 2019’s bid book is called Open Future.

The first day will be primarily intended to mark a first step in comparing individual experiences. Each ECoC will come with answers to certain questions: does each ECoC have a communication plan? Is it annual or does it run also through the lead-up? Is there a budget for communication? How much is it? Does it include advertising? What is the structure of the Communication staff? How many people work on it? How does one involve citizens? What is the role of the Internet in the communication strategy? These are only some of the questions which will be faced, both to learn from each other’s experiences and to try to think of a model or a flexible platform that can provide answers to the common challenges each ECoC faces. Furthermore, this comparison will be helpful to all as it enriches specific skills for each ECoC.

In fact, the network of people in charge of the communication of ECoCs can undoubtedly help the past, present and future Capitals in broadening the visibility of their activities and spreading their scope. A network made of people, not of cities. The seminar will finally give birth to a specific study that allows us, also through the use new technologies, to measure the degree of attention on specific themes and what are the effects of communication on citizens.

On the second day, the public meeting scheduled at 9:30 in the hall of the Mediateca Provinciale, will open a space to submit proposals developed together during the previous day of work and will be an opportunity to discuss "how we will communicate in 2019" with, among others, Stefano Epifani (Social Media Manager - La Sapienza University - Rome), Valerio Bassan (Newslab Coordinator, Observatory on the future of journalism) and Annibale Fracasso (Economics Editor - Euronews).