Matera 2019

Materadio, Day #2 begins with the music. Under my windows, Quintorigo is trying instruments and voices, echoing in the Sassi and scattering birds on the tiles. It's a beautiful day, blue and gold, but in CasaCava, along with Rossella Panarese in RadioTre Science, we go very long back in time: 85 thousand years ago, when hundreds of dinosaurs grazed undisturbed in Murgia area, a few miles from where we are now. Rossella askes - we are talking about culture, however - even on the usability of a common good so unique, and on the issues of preservation / enhancement (much detested word, in these days).

With a huge jump in time, Rossella Panarese interviewes then Alberto Cottica of Edgeryders , which shortly tells us what is the experiment "unMonastery" that Matera 2019 committee is concretely realized. The call to select unMonasterians is still open, Alberto remembers, and everyone can (still ) participate.

In the afternoon Marino Sinibaldi with Farenheit takes up the discussion with directors of some of the candidate to ECOC 2019 cities. There is Taranto, whose "fierce desire for redemption" could play a role in the award of the title; there are still Ravenna, and Matera. Italian Minister for cultural heritage, Massimo Bray, calm and precise, claims his "listen to the voice of the country" (through social networks, mostly) and his idea of a resurgence of enhancement of cultural heritage that is based on people, a new generation of makers, not on living on our rich cultural past but coming back to produce culture as a basic element of social redemption.

A moment on the stage: Ulderico Pesce embodies the Rocco Scotellaro mother, when on announce her the death of his son. A classic in his repertoire already heard many times, but it never fails to move us.
Even outside in the square: people seated on the ground, climbed everywhere, follow Mitipretese, that shows Le Troiane by Euripides, whose harrowing contemporaneity tells us of a civilization that has not yet, after 2000 years, defeated the war and its senselessness.
And then, it's time to dance: in Piazza San Giovanni the Funk Off, Italian marching band, breaks out with a choreography of great visual impact, and with his energetic sound and aggressive, made up of funk , soul, jazz and r&b.

It's night on Matera.
Another long day of Materadio 2013 can be filed.

photo by Nico Colucci