Matera 2019

The train, the railway. What it is, what it is not there, what the Lucani people would like to have.

The rail infrastructure that was started and never got to be finished and the possible alternative use of it: all of this is included in the candidacy document. The same topics of Landscapes in Motion, a project by Marcella Tisi and Andrea Rolando, with the contribution of Ulderico Pesce, that will be staged in Irsina on September 22, from 10:00 TO 18:00. It starts in a vintage train, from Gravina to Irsina Scalo, along the spectacular scenery of the internal Bradanica area of our region. Along the way you can admire the art interventions made by Marcella Tisi in the scenery along the railway. In Irsina, at the end of a day of visits and tastings, Ulderico Pesce will tell us about the utopia of Scotellaro and peasant struggles to conquer  the land during the ' the afternoon the station is reached through paths in the countryside in different groups: on foot, by mountain bike, on horseback. The group has come walk will be accompanied by Andrea Rolando, Marcella Tisi and Gianfranco Lionetti. In any case there is a shuttle service to the station.

Landscapes in Motion is part of a project to promote the area and railroads that cross it, made ​​in collaboration between the City of Irsina, the Politecnico di Milano, FAL and Matera 2019, and IT is part of the side events of Materadio 2013.
Note: For obvious reasons of train capacity, seats are limited. If you do not want to lose it (the train), make a reservation:
- (0835) 19.74.052
- (338) 1313235
- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.