Matera 2019

On the night of 29th September, the Sassi and the streets in the centre of Matera will be transformed into a kaleidoscope of lights and sounds by Dreamland, an event that celebrates the cultural identity of Matera and of the whole of Basilicata in places which best symbolise tradition.

Dreamland stages the return of customs and traditions, unveiling the uniqueness of Matera through its inhabitants. It is this involvement of local people that characterizes the cultural ecosystem of Matera 2019.

During this very special night a collective and participatory parade will actively engage the audience along two different routes that will leave Piazza Vittorio Veneto at 10 p.m. to head towards Piazza San Pietro Caveoso.

Dreamland offers up an unprecedented “soundscape”, a brand new musical landscape which retrieves sound elements from the roots of the community thanks to the Bandarmonica dei Sassi - BAS –who will debut with an orchestra made up of 22 musicians from across the region.

The BAS –created by Nando Irene, produced by Matera 2019, directed by Claudio Mola and Pasquale Gravela, and with Antonello Gravela and Gianni Grilli playing the brass instruments – will be split into two bands: the rhythmic band of Caveoso and the harmonic band of Barisano.

Participants can decide which of the bands they want to support.

When the bands arrive in Piazza San Pietro Caveoso, the first actual concert by the Banda Armonica dei Sassi will take place on the purpose-built platform.

At the end of the concert, the Band will leave the square performing on a cart pulled by mules. The parade will be characterized by large papier-mâché masks made by local craftsmen and representing typical local anthropomorphic figures. It will also be accompanied by traditional musical instruments such as the “cupacupa”, which will be played in unison by all the citizens, giving a rhythmic crescendo that will take us back to the deep roots of this land.

Characters from Lucanian mythology produced in Raffaele Pentasuglia’s atelier, artists of “Lacaposciuc” directed by Michele Lampiao Noviello, as well as the one hundred earthenware “cupacupa”made by Rino Locantore and played by the citizens will all accompany the Banda.

You can register for the art workshops directed and curated by Raffaele Pentasuglia, which will be held on 27th, 28thand 29 th September from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The first 50 people to register via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be able to take part in the workshop to make the large papier-mâché masks used during the parade.

Irony, colours and fun will take over the streets of Matera in the name of proudly preserved traditions but also with a prophetic vision of future languages of street art.