Matera 2019

Theater is the protagonist of May 19: many appointments for "Di Palco in Palco" (From stage to stage), a day that brings the audience closer to live shows with a focus on theater for children. The initiative is carried out together with the Polo Museale della Basilicata (Museum of Basilicata), Teatri Uniti di Basilicata, Sat (Show Art and Territory) and Italia Festival.

Among the events of this day also some initiatives of "Maggio all'infanzia 2018", the Theater Festival for children which takes place in Matera from 12 to 27 May in different places. The complete program is available on

In the evening we offer to the public of children and adults the live-media opera "Dökk", a production by fuse* and the activities organized by the Polo Museale della Basilicata as part of the national event "Notte dei Musei" (Museum Night).

All shows are free admission.

10.00 am
Palazzo Lanfranchi - Sala Levi
"Fuori dagli schemi: i festival come luogo dell’innovazione tra periferia e metropoli. Il ruolo dell’Europa"
Conference for operators organized by Italiafestival in collaboration with Teatri di Bari, Matera 2019, Teatri Uniti di Basilicata and Agis.

11.00 am and 5.00 pm
Chapiteau - Tramontano Castle
Thomas Noone Dance
MOLSA (Spain - Catalonia)
from 8 years (*)
Based on the book "Molsa" by David Cirici. Direction and choreography: Thomas Noone. Assistant director: Nuria Martínez. Dancers: Joel Mesa and Paula Tato, Pierfrancesco Porrelli and Eleonora Tirabassi. Actor: Blai Rodriguez. Drawing and production of puppets: Martí Doy.

11.00 am and 7.00 pm
Chiesa del Carmine (Church of Carmine)
Farrés brothers
TRIPULA (Spain - Catalonia)  spettacolo annullato
since 5 years (*)
By Jordi Palet Pep Farrés Jordi Farrés. Dramaturgy: Jordi Palet i Puig. With Jordi Farrés Pep Farrés. Directed by: Jordi Palet i Puig. Scenography and puppets: Jordi Enrich, Farrés brothers i cia, Alfred Casas.

7.00 pm
Auditorium "R. Gervasio"
UNA DISUBBIDIENZA STRAORDINARIA "Extraordinary disubblence" - by IAC
since 11 years (*)
Text by Elsa Morante from "Il mondo salvato dai ragazzini" (The world saved by the kids). Directed by: Andrea Santantonio. With Nadia Casamassima

8:30 pm entrance and at 9:00 start
Duni Theater
DÖKK - a production by fuse*
live-media opera
Highly immersive and multisensory dance and digital art performance in which the synchronic interaction between the choreography, the body of the performer and the digital visual and sound projections stimulate in the audience a deep empathy, even compared to what happens beyond the physical space.

9:00 pm
Palazzo Lanfranchi Museum - Cloister
In collaboration with the Student Council of the Province of Matera.

9.00 pm
Domenico Ridola National Archaeological Museum - Garden
With Aldo Bagnoni and Co.

(*) For these shows it is advisable to book at Teatri Uniti di Basilicata Via don Minzoni, 38 Tel 0835 337220

TIM main partner of the initiative.