Matera 2019

On Friday 11th May at 6.30 p.m. we will present the final outcomes of the workshop “I luoghi di Matera 2019” at Casino Padula. The project, implemented by Matera 2019 and the Open Design School, explores the locations that may potentially host events in 2019 and afterward.

On this occasion, a small exhibition  will be inaugurated to showcase images, maps and files related to the large mapping research which did not only focus on the historical center of Matera but also on the outskirts and on the whole region of Basilicata.

Including about 400 mapped locations, the project provides both technical and visual information of each place and highlights their huge potential. In accordance with the principles of the open culture, "I Luoghi di  Matera 2019” employs the open source software to display all locations as dynamic  points on a digital map.

Further information on the professionals who contributed to the workshop are available on the Open Design School blog.