Matera 2019

Updated on 4th May 2018
Three representatives of the community projects of Basilicata will take part in the European Neighbour’s Day held for the European Capitals of Culture in Leeuwarden 2018 from 25th to 27th May. They will be Brunella Guida, with the project Warm Up Camp, Eustachio Santochirico, the community facilitator of the Progetto Policoro and Caterina Pontrandolfo, who will tell how she has managed to involve the community in the project PeaceWomenSinging. Congratulations!
Matera 2019 invites 3 representatives of the community projects set out in Matera and in Basilicata to take part in a three-day meeting for sharing and exchanging experiences in Leeuwarden, the European Capital of Culture 2018.

Leeuwarden-Fryslân, European Capital of Culture 2018, together with Matera 2019 organises the European Neighbour’s Day addressed to the European Capitals of Culture from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th 2018. The European citizens who have implemented a community project in their region will have the opportunity to share ideas during these three days. Motivated people and proactive citizens will work together at the weekend developing their projects, sharing experiences and networks to improve both one’s environment and the others’.
The ECoC’s Neighbours’ Day is inspired by the Neighbours’ Day, namely the annual celebration of communities that encourage people to create connections with their neighbours through local activities. The ECoC’s Neighbours’ Day, which will be held in Matera next year, aims at creating connections among European citizens, strengthening social networks and supporting their active integration.
In particular, the ECoC’s Neighbours’ Day is addressed to citizens (no more than 3 per country) who live in cities that were, are or will be European Capitals of Culture and who are involved in community projects in their neighbourhoods or local communities.
This is the reason why Matera 2019 invites 3 representatives of community projects of Matera and Basilicata to take part in these meetings that will offer them several opportunities: to strengthen their link with Europe, to learn more about the Dutch Capital of Culture, to share experiences with the citizens living in an ECoC as well as to work together in order to solve problems, develop networks and share good practices.

Who can apply?
Anyone who is at least 18 years old, lives in Basilicata, has promoted and implemented community projects in Basilicata and has a basic knowledge of English language.

The selected representatives will be hosted by families in Leeuwarden who have already been collaborating in the Leeuwarden 2018 community projects and will therefore work with their guests during the weekend. It will be a perfect chance to get to know each other better as well as to be fully immersed in the culture of Friesland.

Covered costs
Matera 2019 shall cover the travel expenses of the selected participants. Leeuwarden 2018 shall cover the transfer from the airport as well as board and lodging.

How to apply
Fill in the form  and send it by Monday 9th April 2018 by 12:00 a.m. of. The projects’ assessment will be completed within a few days and the results will be communicated by Sunday, 15th April 2018.
Selection criteria
The projects showing a wide involvement of communities and even small improvements in the context of reference will get higher scores.