Matera 2019

In March 2018 Confindustria and Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation launched the call “Matera 2019: the open future of Italian enterprises” addressed to 50 enterprises, in particular SMEs, to make them the protagonists of Matera European Capital of Culture.
The project aims at promoting the innovative enterprises that use culture to enhance their competitiveness as well as fostering the dialogue between culture and enterprise. The selected enterprises will be among the ones in Italy that have an innovative vision which combines economic, territorial and cultural factors and focus on innovation, cohesion and competitiveness.
The call is an opportunity to bring out the businesses that are able to make culture an integral part of the creation processes of the territorial economic value. In the ever-growing and ever-changing Italian scenario these realities have increased and become more and more competitive. The enterprises set up a constant dialogue with society and the citizens and, together, build up a future relying on mutual learning, creativity, shared values, thus fostering development where culture, product and territory are smoothly combined. Finally, this initiative will enhance the public debate on the innovation-driven link between economy and culture. 

The selected enterprises will have the opportunity to use an exhibition space, specially reserved and offered by the Matera 2019 Foundation, to present their activities to the world throughout 2019 on a weekly basis. The call is limited to the enterprises and associations joining the Confindustria (Italian employers’ federation) and to the business networks associated to Retimpresa.
The preview, that will be held in Matera, and the first event in Bari will start this journey throughout the Italian regions to make Confindustria enterprises aware of the several opportunities offered by Matera 2019 to the companies working in the cultural and innovation sectors.