Matera 2019

The Build Up process for strengthening the skills of the 40 selected senior and junior Makers and Linkers of Matera 2019 starts on 16th and 17th February and ends in March.

The process foresees meetings with national and international experts on the themes of Community building, European dimension, Tourism and culture - sustainability, Audience development, Great events, technical management and security, Management.

A key moment will be the Lectio Magistralis by Ulrich Fuchs, a German university Professor who since 2014 has been one of the panel members of the European Commission selecting and monitoring the European Capitals of Culture. Matera 2019 is honoured to have him in town and to have the opportunity to appreciate his inspiring views of the future and Europe.

The process for skills enhancement will make Makers and Linkers acquire a common language linked to the vision of Matera 2019 and to the development and implementation of projects. The main beneficiaries are the young people under the age of 30, with the aim of investing in their growth and creating a nursery of experts who will be able to use the acquired skills in Matera and in the South of Italy also after 2019.

At the end of the process a register will be created for professionals in the cultural  management and production (Makers) and for experts in public involvement (Linkers) and made available for both Matera 2019 and every implementing body of the cultural programme according to their specific needs.

These resources will have consolidated international management skills along with a strong bond with Basilicata and the South of Italy which will make them sensitive to the local context.