Matera 2019

Update: 12th January 2018

The results of the consultations of the expert list are available for the approval of 16 assignments for the implementation of the project Open Design School (Public Call for the establishment of an open list of expert)

We thank all the candidates!


pdf 16x16 Call for collaborator: Lab Manager - Call outcomes

pdf 16x16 Call for collaborator: Communication and Social Media Expert - Call outcomes

pdf 16x16 Open Call: Stage system for public space - Call outcomes

pdf 16x16 Open Call: The venues of Matera 2019 - Call outcomes


The Open Design School is one of the pillar projects of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019. It is a living lab for interdisciplinary experimentation. It is a horizontal platform, a place of interdisciplinary learning and experimentation without strict hierarchies in which everyone learns from everyone, in an atmosphere of mutual enrichment.

It will be the main feature of Matera 2019 cultural programme.
TToday we are posting the first round of open calls for participants and collaborators who will start working with us in December on some of the key projects of Matera2019.
We are looking for two collaborators (a lab manager and a communication expert) besides members for two teams (designers, makers, carpenters, illustrators and visual designers) to work on designing the stages, sets, and infrastructures.

Each team will bring together participants specialised in different fields, from a diverse range of backgrounds and nationalities, and will serve as an instrument of systemic, community-wide capacity building where learning occurs through doing, prototyping and testing, in a continuous creative exchange process between art, science, and technology.

Check out the open calls on the website of the Open Design School and send in your application by 20 November at 6:00 PM!

Call for collaborator: Lab Manager

Call for collaborator: Communication and Social Media Expert

Open call: The Venues of Matera 2019

Open call: Stage System for Public Space