Matera 2019

His greatest passion is information technology which, with art and photography, is behind the company he set up with his brother in September 2014 – the Namias Photography and IT Studio.

The 'Virtual tour' project for churches in the Diocese of Tricarico is one of his great works, though the productions that best showcase his skills are the digitalisation in gigapixels of the frescoes by Pietro Antonio Ferro in the churches of Carmine and Santa Chiara, as well as various audiovisual productions on art, traditions and entrepreneurial success stories, which offer a light-hearted approach and fresh view of the community aspect of the local area.

In 2012 he worked as a cinematographer, restoring a cinema and a 35 mm projector in the Tricarico auditorium.

He lives in and around Tricarico and is present virtually in Europe and the world. His choice to continue working in Basilicata is evident in his active participation in regional volunteering with Avis, Pro Loco, CSV, FAI and Liberascienza.

In 2015, he started to work with the Matera 2019 Web Team, and in 2018 he designed and coordinated a stage in the run-up to 2019 with the Tricarico event 'Lettura in scena' held on the 95th anniversary of the birth of the Lucanian writer and poet Rocco Scotellaro.