Matera 2019

Eugenia Brienza was born on 6th April 1970. Characterized by an inquisitive mind, she is versatile, and good at managing challenging situations. She is also careful, reliable, good at working autonomously and focused on expected objectives. She is responsible, scrupulous and disciplined. Being very understanding and sensitive to other people’s needs, she greatly contributes to the excellent performance of the team work. She thinks that working as a part of a team is a great opportunity for personal growth as it involves sharing views, tasks and setting out precise roles.

She gained a ten-year long experience in technical assistance in EU funds and active labour market policies. She worked with schools and educational institutions to implement and improve placement services, to promote public notices for company funding as well as to support labour agencies. She organized, implemented and managed internships and contracts for high-education apprenticeships.  She improved the methodologies and activities by developing the needs’ analysis of the people involved in the supply and demand dynamics which characterize the labour market.

Eugenia has been in charge of the organization and logistics of a number of cultural events over the last ten years. She dealt with planning, administrative management and accounting, thereby gaining remarkable experience in monitoring and controlling both the planning and the management of complex work procedures.

As an expert in planning, management and accounting of vocational training programmes, financed through ESF and Interprofessional funds, she worked with accredited bodiesas a process manager.

She is passionate about reading and she is also fond of animals looking after them with great sensitivity and care.