Matera 2019

Marco Piegari was born in the province of Salerno in 1977. He completed his high school diploma in scientific studies and then gained a Degree in Law from the University of Siena. After that, he passed the bar exam. While he was at University, he completed an internship at the I.C.E. (ItalianTrade Agency) in New York. He gained a Masters Degree in “Globalizzazione dei mercati e tutela del consumatore (Globalization of markets and protection of consumers) from the University of Rome 3 in 2008  and a Masters Degree in “Gestione delle Risorse Energetiche” (Management of Energy Sources) from the Institute Safe in Rome in 2012.  

He enriched his professional background with work experiences in several national companies such as Sielte SpA and Poste Italiane SpA.

In 2015 he was appointed as deputy chairman of the management board of  Consorzio Stabile OSCAR scarl. He has also been a member of the management board of the Fondazione per il sostegno e lo sviluppo degli studi giuridici (Foundation for the support and development of law studies) in Siena. 

By working in such a  stimulating professional context he has honed his legal skills and become a successful lawyer specializing in company and administrative law, pleading before administrative jurisdiction and carrying out extra-judicial activities.

Deeply passionate about politics, he was a member of the Council of his home town for about eight years, being in charge of legal proceedings, youth politics and production activities.

Versatile, inquisitive and highly dynamic, he loves travelling, reading as well as practising sports especially skiing, trekking and horse-riding.