Matera 2019

Born in Matera in 1972,Valeria Nuzzolese was a student at the Liceo Scientifico of Matera. She graduated with a first-class honours degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Bari. Later, she enrolled in the national register of accountants and auditors. After working for accountancy offices and in the administration department of some local companies, she started to gain experience in the field of financed training. In particular, she dealt with planning, monitoring and accounting of complex projects while working for accredited companies at public institutions for some years.

Later she was appointed as the sole director of SOA (Società organismi di attestazione - Certifying Company) with the specific task of supervising its technical, legal and economic departments and maintaining constant relations with AVCP (Authority of Control on Public Contracts).
Moreover, she has gained a several-year-long experience in the insurance field, especially in the sectors of security in favor of Public Administrations, of catastrophic events in agriculture as well as in basic areas of insurance.
In 2014 she passed the examination for the registration in the RUI (Register of Insurance and Reinsurance Intermediaries) Sections A and B.
Since September she has been proudly collaborating with Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation after being among its volunteers in the past. She considers herself as a true cultural citizen and devotes most of her free time to her children and to culture. A tireless reader, fond of animals especially of cats, she loves cinema and theatre. Feeling a strong bond with her native land, she has bravely decided not leave her homeland and nowadays she is an active member of the Foundation.