Matera 2019

Antonella Buono is a dreamer and a creative mind - these not generally the characteristics of someone having been involved in administration and accounting for so many years. Her educative pathway saw her first graduate from Matera's “Antonio Loperfido” Business Technical Institute, before her studies led her to Bari, where she attended the University of Economics and Business and completed a specialisation course in “Business Administration and Management”, with its relative six-month internship at the Banca Popolare in Mezzoggiorno.

Training courses in Macroeconomics and Asset Management were followed by courses in Bancassurance plus Elements of Communication and Sales. Antonella now works for Financial and Accounting Consultancy firms, where her knowledge and training is enhanced and consolidated.
She can attest to having always wanted to concern herself with numbers, papers, accounting and company balance sheets. It is a job she loves to do, in a responsible and professional manner. Yet she loves even more to travel and to play outdoor sports so as to enjoy the nature that surrounds her. In 2014, Antonella joined the team of Matera 2019 Committee, today known as the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation. A different organisation from her previous places of employment, it is an environment she likes to define as being “creative”, where she may develop personal relationships that form a source of growth and contrast.