Matera 2019

The project, through the construction of 7 pavilions within a system of cisterns dating back to the fifteenth century in the heart of the “Sassi” district, aims to raise awareness of the leading role of architecture and artistic research in the city of Matera. A design vision that emphasises one of the main characteristics of the city of Matera (the underground and excavated architecture) alongside the idea of the ‘Olivettian’ city as a laboratory of new cultural and spatial visions.

The design contributions of the pavilions will lay out a different design visions which have focused on the themes of the indeterminate and the unresolved. Rather than devoting themselves to the conception of closed organisms, they will prefer activating devices that produce indefinite architectures, useful for generating user interactions and involvement. The pavilions, as well as re-functionalised spaces, are also meant to operate as platforms for discussion on critical issues for the city and the territory, proposing themselves as symbolic moments for a reflection on the concept of culture and the relaunch of the architectural and urban features of the city, thanks to specific mechanisms of artistic creation involving the participation of designers, citizens and associations, for a cohabitation between artistic, cultural and social production.


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Venue and Date *:

Exhibitions and talks from 30th March to 30 December 2019 at Palazzo Viceconte (Southeritage Foundation) in Matera

(*) Dates and venues may be subject to change
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