Matera 2019

The project is targeted to students and visitors who will take part in a series of guided workshops to make a big interactive work that will be able to raise awareness, gather data and act directly on elements, purifying and contributing to the improvement of the biotic environment of the Gravina stream.

The project aims at delivering the outputs that will make the respect and safeguard of the environment visible and accessible to a larger audience, to new generations and in particular to scientists and temporary citizens who will visit Matera. The outputs will be the following: 1) a series of deliverables that will display the data collected in fixed control stations and in air-quality monitoring campaigns; 2) an action of the natural depuration of waters that reproduces the principle of self-purification typical of aquatic environments.

Realized in coprodution by
Legambiente Matera

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Project Partners:

The Centre of Competence for Citizen Science at the University of Zürich, Svitzerland

Parco regionale delle chiese rupestri del materano of Matera, Italy

Liceo Artistico “C.Levi” of Matera, Italy

Istituto tecnico industriale Tecnologico of Matera, Italy

Istituto Tecnico Agrario Briganti of Matera, Italy

Location and Date:

Installazione artistica dal 1° giugno al 31 agosto nel Torrente Gravina, Matera | Allestimento espositivo dal 1° giugno al 31 agosto a Le Monacelle, Matera