Matera 2019

To find a new pitch, it is necessary to start again from silence. This is the aim of IN ViTRØ, a sound art project that seeks to investigate the relationship between sound and silence by listening to the voice of Matera: amongst the streets and squares, and even slipping into alleys and caves. Exhibitions, installations, performances, residences, workshops and studios will be harmonised under the direction of prestigious national and international partners and young artists.

The project’s principal melody arises from the Palombaro Lungo, the largest cistern in Matera, which naturally offers the chance to experiment with a unique sensorial journey and create an innovative listening experience.

IN ViTRØ will cross the key places of the city and of the history that it contains: cisterns, hypogea, castles and abbeys, to recount a new concept of ​​silence and sound. As the slogan 'the silent city' suggests, the project also wants to bring to the attention the theme of the bombardment of noise and new acoustic ecology.

The entire project is born from the fracture between sound and silence, from the observation of the fine line between absence and lack, to investigate discontinuities and ambiguities, raw materials of every art form.


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CRM Centro Ricerche Musicali, Italy
Edison Studio, Italy
Giulio Colangelo, Italy
Ryoichi Kurokawa, Japan
Spaziomusica, Italy
Valerio De Bonis, Italy

Supported by BCC Basilicata

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